New Messenger Sharing SDK and Welcome Pinterest Chat Extension and Bot

We have two exciting updates to share today:

  1. Pinterest is launching a bot and a chat extension, and
  2. We’ve updated our Messenger sharing SDK.

Welcome, Pinterest!

Pinterest is joining our community of 200,000 bots dedicated to creating unique social experiences with the launch of the Pinterest bot and chat extension.

With nearly one million Pins shared to Messenger each week*, the Pinterest bot and chat extension will enable people to collaborate and discuss ideas in a seamless and richer way. Pinners will also be able to select and search for topics like “food”, “home” and “DIY” and get recommendations from Pinterest directly in the bot and browse and share ideas in their Messenger conversation directly from the chat extension.
For more details, check out Pinterest’s announcement and try our the Pinterest bot yourself !

The Messenger sharing SDK — UPDATED

Today, we are also releasing an update to the Messenger sharing SDK! This update makes sharing content into Messenger from a native mobile app more media rich, conversational and contextual. It’s also a great way to drive discovery for your chat extension and your bot from your mobile app.

What does this mean, really?

1. Developers can now use Message templates for content that’s being shared from within native mobile apps.

You can now use Message templates like the Media Template or Generic Template to make the app-to-Messenger sharing experience more rich (media-centric) and consistent with your bot and chat extension experiences.

2. Sharing content is now more conversational.

Clicking on the content that was shared from your app-to-Messenger will open your chat extension or webview. This allows people to view the content within the Messenger conversation and carry on their discussion without having to leave Messenger.

3. Context on where the content was shared from is automatically added.

Attribution (your name and logo) at the top of the shared content provides context on where it is coming from. Clicking on that attribution will link to your bot or chat extension.

So, the new Messenger sharing SDK gives people more rich media, a more consistent experience, more opportunities to talk about your content and more context about the content they’re clicking. Win-win-win-win. 
 You’ll start seeing the new SDK roll out within Pinterest’s mobile apps over the next day or two.

How do I get started with the new Messenger sharing SDK?

1. Download and implement the new sharing SDK within your mobile application .

2. Link your Bot/chat extension to your Facebook App ID

We’re really excited about these updates and think you will be too! Let us know what you think here.

*Pinterest data.

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